The reasons why?

In 2003 I decided to create another business in order to compliment my already busy commercial life managing I have always believed that education is the key to a successful and fulfilled life. Having been fortunate to have received a wonderful start in my own life, I felt that I was in a good position to help others achieve their goals, chiefly in the preparation for GSCE and A Level examinations. I have also successfully acted as a mentor to many University students.

Although private tutoring and mentoring can never truly take the place of a balanced formally taught school curriculum, I have always believed that there was a niche that could be turned into a business opportunity within the Cheshire area. I was helped here with my contacts with every school in the area - as a rugby union referee since 1996 – and my contacts in the work place, having employed many paper boys and girls over the years. It was from these small beginnings that my ideas were formed. Since
Cheshire Tutor began over four years ago I have been in great demand, particularly tutoring in Mathematics, English and in Pure Science.

Tutoring is usually carried out in sessions of one hour duration at the home of the pupil. This, I believe, helps to relax the pupil in familiar surroundings as well as having the advantage of having easy access to home P.C. and coursework material.

Nigel now has a sufficient client base from which to work independently, but from time to time will undertake additional work on an agency basis for a local tutoring agency based near Manchester: Personal Tutors Ltd.

References are available upon request.